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Garmisch: Ettal Monastery

After our morning at Linderhof Palace, which you can read about in the previous post, we headed to the Ettal Monastery on the way back to Edelweiss. Ettal is considered the most imposing and unique abbey in Bavaria.  The abbey was originally built between 1330 and 1370.  Today, the Monastery is home to 50 Benedictine Monks.  Now the abbey is kept running by the monks brewing, making liqueur, running a hotel, and a publishing house. The grounds also hold a Benedictine secondary school.  They have parking near the entrance, be sure to pay first and place the ticket in your window.  It was only a few euro.

This building is impressive.  You are able to walk into the beautiful Basilica, the church, when they are not having mass.  You are also welcome to join them for mass which they hold each day.  There is no entrance fee, but they do accept donations in a box toward the entrance.

There is a small market right next to the hotel area, and they sell items which are made at the Abbey of Ettal as well as other monasteries in the area.  In addition to the Ettal monastery wine products available, you can get noodles from the abbey Tettenweis, ointments from the abbey Beuron, candles from the abbey Kirchschletten, to name a few.  Of course we found a nice variety pack of their beer to bring home and try.  We enjoyed them, Michael drank the darker ones, I stick to the light beers.  There are several other shops along the opposite streets as well, but I’m not sure that those support the Abbey it’s self.

They have been brewing beer for over 400 years here!  We wanted to visit the distillery while we were there, but we didn’t have enough information and were unable to find it.  I have just now found some information online, using the trusty Google Translate, it looks as if you have to plan the tours in advance.  The website ask that you email them to make arrangements. They will do organized tours for groups of 20-25 people. ( )  The cost would be 6 euro per person.

The monks have partnered with a cheese factory, Ammergauer Alpen, which you can visit further behind the monastery.  They have large viewing windows  in the showroom so you can watch each step of the cheese-making.  We stopped by, but they had already stopped making cheese for the day.

This was a nice stop, my pictures really don’t do it justice.  We enjoyed browsing the shops along the street as well.

3 comments on “Garmisch: Ettal Monastery

  1. molly
    July 12, 2012

    Looks HEAVANLY!!!! I can’t wait to take the trip there! you got me all thrilled to go!
    Beautiful Pictures!!!

    • Crystal Lewis
      July 12, 2012

      Thanks Molly! They actually have a professional going to Edeweiss for a 3 day photography seminar in October, I really wish I could afford to go! lol Make sure to keep checking Little Sightseers facebook page, as I am trying to keep and eye out for the specials at Edeweiss. Hopefully I can help my readers get a good deal. :)

  2. allthingsgarmisch
    January 12, 2014

    Garmisch-Partenkirchen is known for its outdoor activities that include its world famous downhill ski runs, beautiful hiking trails, white water kayaking, and challenging biking trails. But that is not all Garmisch-Partenkirchen (GAP) has to offer, with world class dining and first rate shopping the city is a perfect vacation destination!

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