Baby stroller buying guide

Baby stroller buying guide

How to buy a baby stroller: What to look for when shopping

With a stroller, you and your little companion can move around and be ready for any adventure that comes your way. To keep things moving, you'll want to choose a baby stroller that has everything your family needs.

 If you don't know how to choose between the different types of strollers on the market, keep reading. We'll talk about two important things to think about and give you a list of features to look for when shopping for a pram.

 Buying a pram: things to think about

You spend a lot of time with your pram. Just like families, strollers come in many different shapes and sizes, and it's important that your stroller fits your needs.

 How big your family is:

How many kids you have will determine whether you choose a single pram or a double pram. A single pram will work if you only have one.

 Still, some parents who want more kids in the future choose a pram that can change from a seat for one child to a double pram later. And if you already have two kids or are expecting twins, you will definitely need a double pram.

 You'll also need to think about how old your kids are. For example, a double pram for twins isn't always the same as a double pram for kids of different ages.

 You can set up a double pram in two different ways: tandem, which is also called "in-line," or side-by-side.

 Tandem strollers have a seat for a toddler on the bottom and a seat for an infant on top. The width of a tandem stroller is about the same as that of a single stroller.

 Side-by-side strollers, on the other hand, have two seats that are right next to each other. We love this option because it lets your kids be close to each other, making it easier for them to get along.

 You might not know that double strollers can be slimmer than you think. Some side-by-side double strollers let you put a seat, bassinet, or car seat together in any way you want, depending on how old your kids are and whether you're taking one or two with you.

 For some strollers, an attachable seat like the Bugaboo Comfort wheeled board is another way to fit an older child. This extra space gives your child the option to sit or stand, so they can ride in style and comfort.

 Note: If you want to attach a wheeled board to your stroller, you may need an adapter.

 Your lifestyle:

The second most important thing to think about when choosing a pram is how you live, like if you live in the city or the country, if you walk or drive more, or if you prefer the city or the woods.

 Here are some things to consider;

Where do you walk most often?

Do you need an all-terrain pram for walks in the woods or when it's snowing?

Will you have to fold the pram up to move it?

Do you have to be able to fit through small doors?

 If you answer these questions, you'll be able to figure out what kind of pram you need and which features (like suspension, wheel durability, and the ability to fold) are most important for your family.

 Once you've decided if you want a double pram or a single pram and what kind of pram you need, you're ready to look at the smaller details, so let's get started!

 What to look for in a pram;

 choices for different ages:

Look for a stroller that has easy-to-change seats but keeps the same stroller base. This way, the stroller can grow with your child. So, your baby can sleep in a bassinet or a seat that looks like a car seat, and when they get bigger, they can easily switch to a seat that sits them up straight.

 Flip-able seats:

As we just said, a seat that can be turned around lets you choose whether your little co-pilot faces you or the world. This is a very important feature if you are walking with two children.

 A side-by-side double pram has seats that can be turned all the way around, so you can choose whether both kids face forward, backward or towards each other so they can bond.


Safety is always the most important thing, so choose a pram with brakes that are easy to use. This is a great way to figure out if the brake feels good to you.


Since strollers can change and last for many years, you'll want to make sure the materials are strong enough to last. You won't regret buying a high-quality pram that will last a long time.

 For the best, most stress-free trips, look for durable, easy-to-care-for products with replaceable parts, washable fabrics, and wheels that won't get flat.


No matter if you're wheeling through busy streets or through the woods, being able to move around is the key to every adventure! Look for a pram that rolls smoothly and is easy to push.

With the right design, even a double stroller can provide a fantastic push.

The suspension of the wheels is another thing that makes it easy to turn and gives your child a smooth ride.


Now is the time to get out your tape measure if you've never measured your door or car trunk before.

 If your pram needs to fit through your front door, the only way to be sure is to measure it. You might also want to measure the space where you plan to keep your pram when it's not in use, like the hall closet, to make sure it's big enough.

 Second, if you'll be putting the stroller in your car trunk a lot, you should measure your trunk and compare it to the folded size of the strollers you're looking at.

 Cover from the sun and rain:

Your partner in crime is ready to go, rain or shine. So should your pram. Make sure the pram you're thinking about has removable rain covers and sun canopies.

 Sufficient storage:

Even though babies are small, they need a lot of things. And when you have twins, you have twice as much fun, but also twice as much stuff. Check to see if your pram has enough storage space and if you can add more storage.

 It was easy to get drinks and snacks:

When it comes to keeping the important things close, we think it's important for you and your little one to have snacks and drinks while you walk.

 Choose a pram with a built-in or attachable snack tray for your toddler and a cup holder for you and your toddler will have the best time and won't be hungry.

 Parts you can wash:

Lastly, but by no means least, a good pram is easy to clean. We suggest getting one with washable fabric so that you can just wipe it down, wash the fabric, and let it dry in the air.

 With the right stroller, you're ready to go:

With the right stroller and your child in tow, you're both ready to take on anything.

Consider how many kids you have and how you live when choosing a stroller. Then, look for features that will make the stroller perfect for your family.